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Your Answer to Private Market Investing in a Safe & Regulated Environment

The private markets, or investments outside of the stock market, were historically reserved for institutions and the ultra wealthy.

We don't think that is fair.

That’s why we created




A platform that aims to provide all investors, equal access to the private markets to realise their growth potential.

Meet The Team

Chief Executive Officer
Selvarany Rasiah
Chief Commercial Officer
Eugene Lam
Chief Technology Officer
Loon Wing Yuen
General Counsel
Yeoh Huei Keng
Head of Primary Markets & Listing
Wong Jo Erh
Head of Finance
Ong Chin Huey

Board of Directors

Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr. Nik Norzrul Thani Bin Nik Hassan Thani
Nizam Mohamed Nadzri
Datin Norazah Razali
Suresh A/L Thirugnanam
Founder/Executive Director
Selvarany Rasiah

Frequently Asked Questions

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KLDX is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) platform regulated and registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC). We democratise investors’ access to private market assets and help businesses raise funds up to RM100 million through the issuance of security tokens / digital securities.

Investors will have the opportunity to invest in tokens representing interests in a broad range of private market assets such as equity in a company, fixed income, private equity funds, venture capital funds and other financial securities.

Security tokens / digital securities are financial securities issued and managed on a blockchain or distributed ledger technology platform. These securities represent ownership or investment in real-world assets, similar to traditional securities like fixed income, shares, venture capital or private equity funds and other financial securities (‘asset classes’).

The digitisation of these securities involves representing the ownership and related rights of these asset classes on a blockchain in an immutable and secure manner. 

Security tokens are recognised as securities under the Capital Markets and Services (Prescription of Securities)(Digital Currency and Digital Token) Order 2019, the same way as traditional securities, such as shares and bonds.

The types of digital securities available on KLDX include private equity, private debt, funds, real estate and more offered by growth-stage companies, unicorns, pre-IPO companies, and more.

Private Equity:

Provide capital to a private company in exchange for equity ownership or other rights in the company.

Learn more here

Private Debt:

Lend money to a private company with the expectation that the company will pay back the investment with interest. This is referred to as private debt.

Learn more here

Private Funds:

Invest in private funds that exist outside the public markets and gain access to investment management techniques not available in the public markets. Examples of private funds include private equity funds and venture capital funds.

Learn more here

ESG and Sustainability Investing:

Invest towards influencing positive changes for a sustainable future.

More specifically, financial assets that have an environmental, social and governance focus that are verifiable by a standard setting body.

Learn more here


Private markets offer unique and exciting investment opportunities in a wide range of assets such as shares in a company, fixed income, venture capital or private equity funds and other financial securities (‘asset classes’) that are not available in the traditional stock market.


Generally, the private markets are not as widely known or talked about as the public markets due to the fact that many—with the exception of corporate investors and the very wealthy—are excluded from participating in them.


But this is exactly where KLDX is different. We enable all types of individual investors— including sophisticated, angel, and retail—as well as corporate investors access to private market investing in a safe, well-regulated, and customer-centric platform.

To learn more about private markets, click here

You can start by signing up and registering as an Investor on KLDX’s website (, which is free for everyone.

Once you have done that, you can simply log in to your Investor Account and view the investment opportunities that are available.

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