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Our Common Goal:

To broaden access to capital markets for growth-stage companies and meet investor demand for diversified asset classes with potential for higher return.

Why Join KLDX?

Like-Minded Individuals

Join like-minded individuals in their quest to helping promising companies achieve their objectives.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our team consists of professionals from all walks of life, comprising different backgrounds and interests.


Help play a role in the success of founders, entrepreneurs, creators, and investors.

Competitive Compensation

Get both direct (monetary) and indirect (non-monetary) pay for your contributions, work, and performance

Training & Development

We’re continuously doing our homework to host inspiring events, lunch & learns, and workshops for our employees.

We want Individuals Who Are...


You are open to engaging in action and taking the lead on projects.


You're a great team player who's willing to receive productive feedback and cooperate with peers.


You're always striving for the next best skillset to acquire and willing to learn new things.

Open Positions

We’re hiring.

Marketing Executive

We’re hiring.

Head of Investor Sales

We’re hiring.

Senior Legal Advisor

We’re hiring.

Executive, Finance & Human Resources

We’re hiring.

Head of Channels

We’re hiring.

Executive, Business Development

We’re hiring.

Legal Executive

We’re hiring.

Head of Issuers

We’re hiring.

Head of Operations

We’re hiring.

Head of IT Security & Infrastructure

We’re hiring.

AML Officer

We’re hiring.

Risk Manager

We’re hiring.

IT Infrastructure and DevOps Engineer

We’re hiring.

IT Security Engineer

We’re hiring.

Blockchain and Full-Stack Developer

We’re hiring.

Assistant Vice President, Primary Markets and Listing

We’re hiring.

Senior Executive, Primary Markets and Listing

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