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ESG Issuers

Your Partner in Sustainable Fundraising

Join us in creating a better future and achieve your project’s goals.

At KLDX Green, we provide a comprehensive solution for issuers looking to raise funds for sustainable projects, including carbon projects, renewable energy, waste management etc. Join us in creating a better future by utilising our platform for your fundraising needs.

Why Raise Funds on KLDX Green?

Access Innovative Funding Solutions, Realise Your Impactful Vision

Enhance Your Reputation

Showcase your commitment to sustainability and attract a broader and more socially conscious investor base


Partnership for Impact

Partner with us to create a greater impact and achieve your project's goals by leveraging on your network of partners, investors and resources.


Innovative Solution

Access to innovative financing solutions tailored to your project's needs and goals, designed to maximize impact and minimize risks.


We Support a Broad Range of Sustainability Sectors


Renewable Energy


Pollution Prevention and Control


Affordable Housing


Climate Change Adaption


Green Buildings


Circular Economy


Social Finance


Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management


Energy Storage


Sustainable Materials


Sustainable Transportation


Carbon Capture and Storage (“CCS”)


Food Security


Sustainable Agriculture


Energy Efficiency Projects


Clean Tech




Access to Essential Services

Start your Sustainable Finance Journey with Us

At KLDX Green, we provide a one-stop centre solution for raising funds for sustainable projects. Discover how OUR team and our panel of advisers, partners and investors can assist you from pre-to post-issuance of your sustainability fundraising


Ready to Start?

A few minutes is all it takes to begin investing.


Start by signing up as a business on our website


Our team will contact you to understand your requirements

Next Steps

If you meet the requirements, we will guide you on next steps for your fundraising proposal

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can start by signing up as a business on our website here

Once that is done, our Commercial team will contact you to better understand your requirements and offering process.

Should you be shortlisted to proceed further, we will guide you on the next steps on what is required for you to get your fundraising proposal started.

We welcome eligible companies, including growth-stage companies, subsidiary of listed companies and pre-IPO companies from across a wide range of industries, such as e-commerce, big data, logistics, real estate, circular economy, social-impact driven, healthcare and more.

An IEO can typically take anywhere between from 6 to 8 weeks to complete, from the point of the Issuer submitting the Listing Application to KLDX.

The maximum amount of funds permitted to be raised on KLDX is twenty (20) times of its shareholders’ funds subject to a ceiling of RM100 million in any 12-month period.

To be able to raise funds on the KLDX Platform, you need to meet, amongst others, the following requirements:

– Malaysian-incorporated (excluding an exempt private company and public-listed company)
– Unlisted subsidiary or special purpose vehicle (SPV) of a public-listed company may qualify
– Sound business model with strong growth prospects

– Minimum shareholders’ funds of RM500,000

– At least two (2) directors whose principal or only place of residence is in Malaysia

White Paper:
– Submission of disclosure document (“White Paper”) to KLDX

For further information, please refer to the KLDX Listing Rules.

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