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It's Faster, more Cost-Effective, and Easier to Raise Funds With Us*

*As compared to your traditional IPO
Why raise funds with KLDX?

Lower Cost, Faster

Thanks to blockchain technology, raising capital with KLDX is cheaper than traditonal IPO---and faster too.

Wider Investor Base

Gain access to more investors made possible by the fractionalisation of assets on the blockchain.

Customisable Structure

Create the type of financing that works best for your business with the help of our advisers.

How It

Raising funds for your company's growth can be an arduous and time-intensive process. That's why KLDX is here to help. From onboarding and investor management to marketing, we'll take care of crucial aspects to ensure a successful fundraise on the KLDX platform in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Innovative Listing Framework

Businesses can benefit from our innovative listing framework, enabling them to customise their fundraising options which are unavailable in other global financial exchanges.

This means that they can access a wider investor base, leading to greater liquidity at lower funding costs.

Raise Capital with any of
Following Offerings


Offer shares to investors in return for cash

Fixed Income

Raise capital while still retaining control of your company


Fund your sustainability projects including for issuances of carbon credits


Gain the capital you seek to grow your funds and propel startups and businesses to greater heights

Real Assets Backed

Secure funds from investors by offering securities backed by existing real assets


Secure funds from investors to customise assets such as structured products, collectibles, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can start by signing up as a business on our website here

Once that is done, our Commercial team will contact you to better understand your requirements and offering process.

Should you be shortlisted to proceed further, we will guide you on the next steps on what is required for you to get your fundraising proposal started.

We welcome eligible companies, including growth-stage companies, subsidiary of listed companies and pre-IPO companies from across a wide range of industries, such as e-commerce, big data, logistics, real estate, circular economy, social-impact driven, healthcare and more.

An IEO can typically take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks to complete, from the point of the Issuer submitting the Listing Application to KLDX. However, this timeline is also subject to the issuer’s promptness in provided the required information to the platform.  .

The maximum amount of funds permitted to be raised on KLDX is twenty (20) times of its shareholders’ funds subject to a ceiling of RM100 million in any 12-month period.

To be able to raise funds on the KLDX Platform, you need to meet, amongst others, the following requirements:

– Malaysian-incorporated (excluding an exempt private company and public-listed company)
– Unlisted subsidiary or special purpose vehicle (SPV) of a public-listed company may qualify
– Sound business model with strong growth prospects

– Minimum shareholders’ funds of RM500,000

– At least two (2) directors whose principal or only place of residence is in Malaysia

White Paper:
– Submission of disclosure document (“White Paper”) to KLDX

For further information, please refer to the KLDX Listing Rules.


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