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Invest in ESG

Unlock a World of Green Investments, Social Finance Initiatives and Impactful Opportunities on KLDX Green

Why Invest in ESG?

Empower Your Investments, Shape a Sustainable Future

Financial growth and Resilience

Discover the potential of investing in sustainable projects that have great growth potentials and will be resilient over time and market conditions.


Aligning your values with your portfolio

Put your capital to work in ways that reflect your values. ESG investing allows you to invest in companies that prioritise sustainability and provide a positive influence on the world.


Making a Lasting Impact

ESG investments go beyond monetary returns. They enable you to make a lasting impact on critical issues, driving positive change and leaving a legacy for generations to come.


Access Various Sustainable Investments on KLDX Green

ESG-Aligned Issuers
Social Impact Projects
Climate Change Projects
Thematic Sustainability Funds
Innovative ESG Products
Carbon Offset Projects

Don't Wait to Make a Difference

Make a positive change today through ESG investing. KLDX Green is committed to facilitating impactful sustainability projects that drive meaningful transformation for society and the environment.

Latest ESG Opportunities



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Frequently Asked Questions

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When you invest on the KLDX platform, you provide money in exchange for a financial stake in a business, fund or project. That financial interest is bound by an agreement between you and the business, fund or project raising money.

Upon investing in a product offered on KLDX, you will receive digital securities in your wallet instead of share certificates or fixed income certificates or any form of paper certificate as evidence of your financial interest in the asset. The ownership and related rights of these asset classes are recorded on a blockchain in an immutable and secure manner.

The minimum age to invest on KLDX would be 18 years and above.

The investment opportunities available here on KLDX are from the private markets. This includes private equity, debt, funds, real estate offered by pre-IPO companies, growth-stage companies, unicorns, and more.


Private Equity:

Provide capital to a private company in exchange for a piece of ownership in the company or what’s referred to as equity.

Learn more here


Private Debt:

Lend money to the private company with the expectation that the company will pay back the investment with interest. This is referred to as private debt.

Learn more here


Private Funds:

Invest in private funds that exist outside the public markets and gain access to investment management techniques not available in the public markets. Examples of private funds include private equity funds, venture capital funds, and hedge funds.

Learn more here



Invest in financial assets that do not fit into the conventional categories such as stocks, bonds, and cash. With low correlation to traditional asset classes, alternatives can be a beneficial way to diversify your portfolio.

Learn more here


ESG and Sustainability Investing:

Invest towards influencing positive changes for a sustainable future.

More specifically, financial assets that have an environmental, social and governance focus is are verifiable by a standard setting body.

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Here at KLDX, investments are structured in many different ways. Potential returns correspond with the businesses’ unique offerings.

Some returns on investments will be paid out as a once-off while others will have recurring payments.

For the exact rights and returns you will receive, please refer to the white paper of the business that is issuing the securities you intend to invest in.

Remember: Investing is risky! While some investments succeed and can bring substantial upsides to investors, some will fail. Read more about the investment risks here.

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