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What Are Investment Notes?

12 Jan 2024

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  • What are Investment Notes?
  • The Differences Between Investment Notes, Bonds, Sukuk

Recently, there has been a growing interest in a financial instrument called Investment Note. In this article, we will delve into what Investment Notes are and how they differ from bonds and sukuk.

What are Investment Notes?

Investment Notes refer to any agreement indicating a monetary loan that is executed or offered through an electronic platform. Investors who invest in these products typically expect a financial return from the investment.

In Malaysia, you’ll often come across conventional or Islamic Investment Notes. Both products are similarly, with the latter adhering to Shariah principles and the concept being endorsed by a Shariah Adviser.

The Differences Between Investment Notes, Bonds, Sukuk

Investment Notes and bonds/sukuk are popular investment mechanisms, but they differ significantly. Here are some key distinctions between the two: –

As the interest in Investment Notes increases, it is important for investors to understand and invest in Investment Notes informedly.

Here at KLDX, we recognise the importance of a thorough evaluation. Our KLDX team places utmost importance on conducting comprehensive due diligence to ensure the quality of investment opportunities available on the platform. Through a rigorous evaluation process based on KLDX’s robust internal framework, KLDX ensures that only high-quality investments are made available on the platform. This allows KLDX to safeguard investors interests and provide investor confidence when investing. 

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Source: Bursa Academy

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